Coffins And Caskets


Coffins and Caskets

Choosing a coffin or casket is an important step in arranging a funeral service.

Dubock Funerals have an extensive range of coffins and caskets to suit different tastes and personalities, financial considerations, religious or cultural beliefs and environmental considerations.

Traditional Coffins - locally manufactured


We have a full range of locally manufactured caskets.

Below is a sample of the many variations available. Made from veneer, solid timber, and metal caskets including 20 gauge metal, stainless steel, solid copper and solid bronze.

We also have available top of the range American Batesville Caskets.

Contact us on 9384 1100 for more information.

Environmentally Friendly Coffins

We have an expanding range of environmentally friendly options.

The 'Enviro' coffin

  • 100% Plantation Timber
  • No Metal, Plastic or Glues
  • Handmade
  • Natural Finish (no harsh chemicals, laquers or varnishes)
  • Unbleached biodegradable Calico Interior
  • Australian made manufacturer
  • The 'Enviro' coffin is a 100% Australian Made all natural coffin.

Hand Woven Willow Caskets

Willow is a sustainable resource requiring no fertiliser, pesticides or herbicides.
These caskets have an unbleached calico interior.

Click Here to go to be taken to the 'Hand Woven Caskets' website.

Expression Coffins

For a personalised tribute we have available 'Expression coffins'. Manufactured in Australia. Choose one of the popular designs or design your own and have it custom made.

Click Here to be taken to the 'Expressions Coffins' webpage and view their full range.