An Important Announcement Regarding Covid-19

In regards to this current situation we at Dubock Funerals have employed a few changes to how we operate. We will continue to offer 24 hour / 7 day support and service, but other services that we offer have been temporarily restricted or suspended in line with the advice of the Australian Government.

Thank you for your support as we work to ensure your needs are met.

Chapel size may limit funeral attendance. 

Funeral services no longer have a maximum attendance. However social distancing is still required, and each church and chapel have individual capacity densities. This means that many of the smaller and mid sized chapel spaces are not able to contain as many individuals as they can potentially seat, and density can vary between 2 and 4 square meters per person attending. Before choosing a location for a service please discuss your options with your arranger so that you are not disappointed should your chosen location have a restriction on numbers due to the ongoing need to social distance.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a requirement when holding services or entering our premises. We use both paper and electronic methods of contact tracing for our records. Cemeteries and churches have their own methods and may require only electric records, only paper records, or a mixture of both. When you attend a service please ensure that you sign in correctly, and help any friends and family that may be confused or unable to check in by themselves. Our staff are also happy to help and answer any question that you might have.

Minimising contact with clients

In line with guidelines on social distancing we will be minimising physical contact with clients. This means we will be using phone and video calls to liaise with client families and staff wherever possible.

Live-streaming of services is now available.

Live-streaming of services was a service we were trialling before the Covid-19 outbreak, but it has now been fast-tracked to provide families and friends the ability to watch their loved one's funeral service in real time from home.

Introducing Online Condolences

We will be introducing online condolences as a way for loved ones to leave messages in lieu of personal conversations that may have taken place at the service. We will be introducing this through our "Funeral Notices" section on this website (found on the front page).

Online Order of Service Booklets

Order of service and mass booklets will now be available to view through your personal device. These will be made available as PDFs found through the "Funeral Notices" section on this website (found on the front page).



If you have any concerns or queries please call us on (03) 9384 1100.

Together let's all do our part to manage these strange times and keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.