Daniel McMahon

In loving Memory of Daniel McMahon


Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Mr Daniel McMahon will be offered at St Peter and Paul Church, 23 Leeds Street, Doncaster East on FRIDAY (April 30) at 11a.m.
Private cremation.

Rosary will be recited at the above church 30 minutes prior to mass.


Daniel's family invites you to leave tributes and share memories below.



  1. I will always remember Uncle Dan as being the funny Uncle, his stories he used to tell me about lepricorns when I would stay over at Craileen street will always be a fond memory. He told them with so much expression, I can still remember his facial expressions, and the different voices he used to make the story so much fun. When I think of Uncle Dan the first thing that comes to mind was his laughter, you knew when he found something really, really funny, his whole body shook. He loved to laugh. I also think of his love for books, I remember every birthday or Christmas it was always a book for Uncle Dan, the hard part was not getting him one he already had as he had so many. I always envied his love for reading, something I don’t have.
    Uncle Dan had such a big heart, he always said when he saw me “Hey Beautiful” and on leaving it was always “Love ya”
    Uncle Dan was so loved, particularly by Aunty Bren, I remember we would be at the footy and she would often say Uncle Dan was at home making either a stew or soup for her for when she got home, their love for each other was beautiful and endless.
    I am so grateful my family got to know Uncle Dan and will remember him always.
    Uncle Dans love was immense, genuine and pure, he was a true gentleman and he will be missed greatly.
    Goodbye for now Uncle Dan “love ya”
    Your god daughter
    Kaz. xoxo
    Also Rowd, Liv, Ally and Will

  2. Daniel Mc Mahon,

    You will always be remembered for your devotion and love of your family and your commitment to your faith and values.

    We admired and remember your positive involvement and interaction with both your immediate and extended family. From family get-togethers, trips, Christmas dinners, etc, not to mention the odd electrical jobs, you were always present and adding your particular flavour and personality to the occasion. We will sorely miss that involvement.

    Your love and devotion to Brenda was outstanding and it was no surprise to witness the loving and positive family environment that developed under your and Brenda’s example.

    When thinking of Dan, I, Bill, can’t help but reflect on the young man I first met in his early courting days of Brenda. He was pro-active, fun-loving, and intelligent. He was a friend to many and was a major influence in the development of the Moreland YCW, an organisation that developed into a wonderful influence for youth at the time.

    Dan, you were a leader amongst your peers and these qualities were extended to the wider community via your teaching career. I am sure there are many grown men now around town that have greatly benefitted from your knowledge, ethics, and example.

    Hope you enjoy the re-uniting party with your loving wife Brenda and other close relatives and friends. Don’t forget the Whiskey!!

    Our love, thoughts and prayers are with Leanne, Paula and Stephen and families at this sad time.

    All our love, Bill & Helen

    Rest in Peace Dan

    Wonderful memories silently kept
    Of a true friend we’ll never forget

  3. Just musing over Dan’s wonderful life. The following immediately come to mind!!

    * The lemon tree pruning or (the Craileen Massacre)

    * The Whisky journey

    * The VOLVO,

    * The SHED and contents

    * His average fishing skills in tumultuous seas!!

    RIP Dan

    Bill, your brother-in-law and real friend.

  4. To The McMahon family

    The past few days have given me a chance to reflect on the life of “Uncle Dan” and the affect he has had on so many lives

    one of my special memories was when you stayed at Craileen Street and the life lessons learnt

    1. Uncle Dan could sleep thru most noise disruptions
    2. He loved a book and never disturb him whist reading
    3. he didnt like the noise made when rubbing your feet against new vinyl flooring (maybe my fault there)
    4. He was a great story teller and always ended with many laughs
    5. he loved his family and supported them always even if he was smaller than opponents

    He was a great MC at our wedding and we fully appreciated his role in our special day

    Dan you will be sorely missed, RIP

    Love always Mark, Lisa and Mitchell Helliar

  5. A treasured memory I have with Uncle Dan is when I was at Hope street, when I was too sick to play with the other kids you acknowledged that I was flat and feeling invisible, you took me by the hand and we walked around Brunswick oval, you chatted along the way and made me feel visible again. Your simple gesture is one that I will treasure and these days I look to pay this gesture forward.

    Now it was Aunty Brenda’s time to say, “Are you ready to leave Dan?”
    Now you are with your one true love.

    As we look back over time
    We find ourselves wondering …..
    Did we remember to thank you enough
    For all you have done for us?
    For all the times you were by our sides
    To help and support us …..
    To celebrate our successes
    To understand our problems
    And accept our defeats?
    Or for teaching us by your example,
    The value of hard work, good judgment,
    Courage and integrity?
    We wonder if we ever thanked you
    For the sacrifices you made.
    To let us have the very best?
    And for the simple things
    Like laughter, smiles and times we shared?
    If we have forgotten to show our
    Gratitude enough for all the things you did,
    We’re thanking you now.
    And we are hoping you knew all along,
    How much you meant to us.

    Love Always Rachel

  6. Uncle Dan,

    I wasn’t exactly sure who to address this to as I am not sure if you will actually get to read it but I’m hoping by writing this down it will somehow get to you.

    When I think of you I think of books. It was always books for Uncle Dan for Christmas. Not small books. Big books with a width of a forearm. I am certain there were times you preferred the company of books over people. I don’t come from a family of readers (outside of form guides) so it is quite possible a portion of my love of reading and books came from seeing how much books seem to mean to you. So thank you for whatever part you played in that. You were funny too. Sardonic quips upon entering a room. Norm Peterson with a stone in his shoe.

    I hope you are re-united with Aunty Bren. Give her my love and let her know how much she is missed and how much we think about her. Once you’ve done that I hope you find the comfiest arm chair in the quietest corner with a book you can read forever.

    Much love


  7. Danny, Dan & Daniel,

    Much loved and respected brother-in-law of Maree & Kevin,
    Uncle of Anthony, Jason & Megan, friend of Kelly,
    Great Uncle of Jordan.
    Reunited with Bren and your loving family.


    You have been in my life since I guess I was six or seven. You always told me I was more like your little sister, so thank you for loving me so much.

    Thank you for all the outings – Luna Park, Melbourne Show, Beaches etc.

    Thank you for having me stay for nearly all school holidays till I started work.

    Thank you for driving me down to buy my P Plates in Sydney Road, allowing me to drive your station wagon home and being game enough to be my first passenger as a licensed driver.

    For taking the care in hanging my wedding dress in Hope Street in a manner I don’t think I would have thought of.

    Thank you for as much as you hated hospitals, visiting so often after my accident, even sitting with me before my first head operation
    (air to the brain,) because you knew how scared I was.

    Thank you for the electrics in our family room and building the wall giving us our fourth bedroom.

    How could I not mention our New Zealand cruise. You were a delight and we all saw the fun side of Dan the Man.

    Thank you for being a great Uncle to Anth, Jay & Meg, always caring and more inspirational than you would have known. Jay’s fishing adventure, now has his boat and most importantly the encouragement in finding a trade. I know how proud you were of that.

    You taught me to finish a phone call with “I LOVE YOU”

    You followed your faith through your whole life so my other brother, rest peacefully reunited with Brenda and your loving family.

    I will miss you and I LOVE YOU.

    Your faith has led you through life. I’m sure you had no idea of how much you were loved and by so many.

  8. Dan,

    Just a little more, it’s similar to leaving a family function.

    How could I not acknowledge the wonderful family life and values you & Bren instilled into your immediate family.
    Love,Faith, Compassion, Encouragement, Confidence, Be true to yourself and Enjoy life to name a few.

    Our Easters with extended family were legendary and the envy of many other families as were any family gatherings for that matter.

    Leanne, Paula Stephen and your families,
    Our love to you all at this sad time, but rejoice in the knowledge of how well you all cared and the amazing love you showered on both Brenda and Dan during their illnesses. Thank you.

    Much love.
    Maree & Kevin.

  9. Danny, Dan & Daniel,

    Much loved and respected brother-in-law of Maree & Kevin,
    Uncle of Anthony, Jason & Megan,
    Great Uncle of Jordan, Friend of Kelly.
    God has you in His keeping, we have you in our hearts.


    Thank you for your love, support in good & bad times, your encouragement, your knowledge, in all, thank you for just being YOU.

    You always told me I was your little sister, so thank you for always loving me unconditionally.

    Thank you for all the fun outings and for having me come and stay for nearly all school holidays till I started work.

    Thank you for taking me to buy my P Plates in Sydney Road, letting me drive your station wagon and being my first passenger as a licensed driver.

    Thank you for the preparation and care in hanging my wedding dress in a manner I don’t think I would have thought of.

    Thank you for as much as you hated visiting hospitals, visiting me so much after my accident and even sitting with me before my first head operation (air to the brain!) because you knew I was so scared.

    Thank you for all the electrical work and building the wall for our fourth bedroom.

    Thank you for being the caring, loving and encouraging Uncle to Anthony, Jason & Meg. You particularly encouraged Jay in finding a trade and I know how proud you were in his achievements and work ethic, as you were with all your nieces & nephews in their endeavours.

    I really think you had no idea of how much you were loved and respected.

    You lived your life following your faith so now, reunited with the love of your life Brenda and your loving family, rest peacefully my other big brother.

    You taught me to finish a phone call with “I Love You.”

    I will miss you and I LOVE YOU Dan.


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