Melbourne Repatriation Service

Dubock Funerals  - Melbourne Repatriation Service

Dubock funeral Melbourne repatriation Service. When the death of a loved one occurs overseas, you may wish for their funeral service and final resting place to be in Australia.

Alternatively, sometimes when a death occurs in Australia, their family may wish for their funeral service to occur in the country of their birth. When a deceased person must be relocated interstate or internationally, it is called repatriation.

Dubock Funerals are highly experienced in arranging domestic and International repatriations; our funeral directors can guide you through this process. Our funeral directors will liaise with relevant government departments and consular representatives to ensure that your loved one’s funeral service reflects their wishes, and those of their loved ones.


International Repatriation

  • Consulate Approval
  • Approval from the Department of Human Services
  • Medical Cause of Death Certificate
  • Registration and copies of the death certificate from the registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Hermetically Sealed international Air transport Approved (IATA) Metallised Pouch, in accordance with domestic and International air travel regulation
  • Mortuary Care and Preparation
  • Packaging and Sealing
  • Embalming Certificate (Full Arterial Embalm)
  • Freight Booking and Airway Bill
  • Coffins or Caskets that meet regulation
  • All Transfers Required


National Repatriation

Depending on were the deceased is required to be repatriated to will depend on the method they are transported. It may be more practicable and affordable to travel via road or even sea than than by air. We will will provide options and costings available to have your loved one safety and efficiently returned to their destination.

For further information regarding international and national repatriations or for an obligation free quote, call our helpful staff anytime on 9384 1100 or submit an enquiry form, and one of our funeral directors will contact you shortly.