Personalising a Funeral

Personalising A Funeral

When preparing a funeral it's the small personal touches that make the service special. These can come in many forms, such as a memorable eulogy, a special poem or a poignant song.


Death and Funeral Notices

When a loved one passes away, families generally choose to advertise the details of the funeral in the daily newspaper/s, and may wish to include a personal tribute.

At Dubock Funerals, our funeral directors can assist you to compose a death or funeral notice, and to have it published in the newspaper/s of your choice.


Writing a EulogyWriting a Eulogy is the perfect opportunity for Personalising a funeral

While writing a eulogy for your loved one’s funeral service might seem like a daunting prospect, they are well worth the effort. Eulogies are a wonderful way to personalise a funeral service, allowing friends and family to reflect on your loved one’s life.

The sharing of memories is a wonderful way to remember the deceased as they were – their personality, achievements, passions, interests – through the eyes of a loved one.


Where to begin?

When writing a eulogy, it is often helpful to write a list of the memories that you would like to reflect upon in your eulogy, and to structure these so that they tell a series of stories. Introducing yourself with a description of your own relationship with the deceased is often a good place to start, while ending on a favourite memory or a personal message to your loved one will provide an ending that is meaningful and moving.

A eulogy can be as long or as short as you like. For a 5 to 10 minute eulogy, aim to write about 1000 words. Remember that there are no rules for writing a eulogy and that the most important part is that you speak from the heart. It is okay to be positive and upbeat in your eulogy; in fact, sharing happy memories can assist in the grieving process.

At Dubock Funerals, our funeral directors can provide guidance and resources to assist you in writing a eulogy. For further information about writing a eulogy, please call our helpful staff on 9384 1100 or submit an enquiry form, and one of our funeral directors will contact you shortly.


Funeral Music

Music is a beautiful way to personalise your loved one’s funeral service. You may choose to play music that your loved one enjoyed, or music that represents who they were or what they meant to you.

At Dubock Funerals, our funeral directors can assist you to select music that will provide a fitting tribute to your loved one. Our funeral directors can also organise for your selected music to be burnt to a CD and will ensure that all audio equipment required is available for your loved one’s funeral service.

For a list of common funeral songs, please see our Funeral Music brochure.


Funeral Poetry

Reading poetry at a funeral service can be a lovely way to pay tribute to your loved one. You may choose to read a poem that was a favourite of your loved one, or that reflects the relationship that the two of you shared, or your feelings for them.

Contact us if you would like a list of popular funeral poems.