Theresa de Gabriele

In loving Memory of Theresa de Gabriele

Theresa de Gabriele 

19th January 1947 - 1st July 2020

Requiem Mass for the repose fo the soul will be held on Wednesday 8th July 2020 at 10.00 am

Theresa's family would like to sincerely thank you for your kind thoughts            and support.

Theresa's family invites you to leave tributes and share memories of Theresa below.

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  1. Theresa was a lovely, caring, beautiful lady who always had a smile on her face (look at photos). She will be missed by me and all who new her.

  2. Theresa was la lovely Person who loved life and gave time for everybody she was a lovely churchgoing person and very involved in her community and church

  3. Sorry for the loss off Theresa our thought are with all the family. Kindest regards from her neighbours Heti & Victor and family.

  4. Farewell dear Tessie. You were always a friend to me and to Madelyn and you were born the same year and month as my dearest Madelyn RIP, just 4 days apart. May you both rest in perfect peace and look upon the face of OUR LOVING CREATOR. Amen.

  5. Farewell Tessie. I’m glad that I was brought up with you, and we are going to miss you a lot, And I know you will be in a better place

  6. Although we lived in different states, Tessy was a true and dear friend. There were many late night phone calls and stays at one another’s homes. She will live forever in my heart and I’ll treasure her memory always. Tessy was a treasure to all who knew her. My deepest sympathy to her entire family.

  7. A wonderful life long friendship. What adventures we had together, travelling the world or just being together at each other’s home, enjoying good food, good company and engaging conversation on many a topic, you made us all feel like we were family. I’ve missed you so much. the place you occupied in my life will never be filled. Deepest sympathy to the family.

  8. My cousin, we spent many times together as kids, teenagers, then as adults, Thank you always for all that you did for so many people, your kindness, and caring made a big difference to many. Rest in peace, your family in heaven will welcome you with open arms…..
    Deepest sympathy to all the family……

  9. Deepest sympathy to friends and family of this wonderful, unique and vibrant lady. Thank you for the great caring you gave me in my younger years. You always knew when I needed a kind word or a smile, Safe travels.

  10. Tessy you was such a large and important part of my life !! One of the Gang we shared lots of adventures together in Melbourne Sydney and Queensland I treasured your friendship so much all these years and I will miss you so much 💔 xxxxx Sincere condolences to your family Love Lynda

  11. We were friends for so many years but Tessie was also so beloved by so many people. It truely shows how special she was that she could touch so many with her love and her friendship. I will never forget all our adventures together, all the fun and all the laughs we shared. Tessie holds a very special place in my heart and it is so very hard to lose her. All my love to the family. Jenny

  12. Dearest Tess,

    You were a very special person in my life that always shared your knowledge, time and friendship. You were an amazing big sister, you the eldest and me the youngest of strong and loving family. Now that you’ve gone we are all that little be less than before. I hope you have found your special place and waiting for you there will be all those wonderful doggy companions you cared for and loved throughout your life that left before you with big grins and waggy tails.

  13. Condolences to all who loved and knew Theresa xo

    I valued Tessy as an aunt and neighbour. She would come for many visits and cups of tea, coffee, sweet treats and would also stay for dinners and into the evening. We shared many conversations, music, movie and book reviews. We always found something to talk about. A lover of animals, children, people and life in general. Tessy looked on the bright side and didn’t care for the superficial, she would always put others before herself. She was crafty and creative, eccentric and energetic and while she was ‘on her own’ she was always busy and with people. I’m grateful for the years I knew you and had the privilege to be your friend xo Rest In Peace Xo

  14. Tessie was an incredibly important person in my life for over forty three years and I loved her so dearly that there are no words to adequately express how I am feeling about losing her. I have never known a better human being. She did so much for others throughout her life and was such a wonderful friend to me from the very beginning that I will never forget her and will honour her memory always. A beautiful lady resting in peace. Love and deepest condolences to her family and friends. Robin

  15. Tess was a warm, generous and kind hearted person. She shared her time and everything else with us. Sh would drop everything to help.

    I can remember when I lived at home she would bring her VCR and videos so I could dub videos she owned. She made us all welcome in her home, day and night. I could talk to her about shared interests and learn new ones. Above all, she was funny! She made me laugh. I am going to miss her terribly!

  16. I have fond memories of Tessy sitting around the table with me at Richard’s place having long detailed talks about the developments in Video technology and technical stuff. I will always remember her love of science fiction stories and TV series such as Star Trek, Dr.Who and others.
    There was a lot in the mind of Tessy which made her a very likeable person you could easily talk to on just about any subject.
    I hope now that you are in peace but I’ll bet you won’t be resting instead you will be exploring the new world that just opened to you.
    Until we meet again. I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about then.
    Your friend always John

  17. Tessie was a warm, friendly & loving woman & will never be forgotten. She loved her family, her friends & her beloved dogs & a good game. Be at peace Tessie. All my love

  18. I have many fond memories of a very kind and generous person. Memories of Volkswagens and Renaults, of Roscoe and Footscray Park, of comics and Keilor Library. She regularly took tea with Mum on her way home from Sunday mass. Tessy was a caring and selfless person, with whom I shared common interests of reading, sci-fi and cinema. She had a big impact on me. I am grateful to have known her and to have spent time with her.

    Condolences to her family and her many friends.

  19. Thank you, Theresa De Gabriele, for gracing and enhancing my life, for a time, and for doing the same for so very many people… just how many, I’m not surprised to learn. A generous Gem of a person whose warmth and genuine sparkle was your own, and made even more richly splendid by the excellent setting of your extended family and friends.

    Peace and strength to her ginormous circle of family, peers, colleagues, friends and gone but not forgotten pack of pets.

    Clear skies, Star Trek shipmate, and may the wind be ever at your back.

  20. Dear Tessie, you’re one of the first people I met when I started coming to Star Trek marathons in Melbourne during my high school days, so many years ago.
    I remember watching you do the Time Warp, watchibg ST on VCR at your house, helping to assemble zines and many other activities.
    I’m grateful we stayed in touch for so long and were able to share the theatre.
    Sleep and rest in peace.

  21. Our deepest condolences to Richard , Carmen and Martha and all the Degabriele family. May your memories of Tessie remind you that she was loved by many for her caring and loving nature. RIP Tessie xxx Love to all the family . Cynthia and Tony Frain xxx❤️💐💐

  22. Beloved Tessy I will miss you, the care you showed my family was wonderful. For many years you helped me personally and loved my son, all the walks with the dogs, pizzas and car trips. Thank you for being in my life. Love for ever, Sonny and Blair.

  23. My best wishes and sympathies to all those who love and miss Tessie. I’m very grateful to Betty and Greg for the comfort of having been able to attend her lovely service via You Tube and to watch the feed on Messenger. I was lucky enough to be in Tessie’s presence, as well as her circle of science fandom friends and the De Gabriele family, for the first seven or so years of my time in Australia. And, after that time, I welcomed seeing her familiar face at Williamstown Little Theatre. Warm, generous and missed.

  24. My sympathies to my cousins who lost these dear sister Tessy. My cousin Tess was always in my life and my family. She had a big heart and was always there for me and my boys. I am so saddened that she had to live with the same disease my mother had, where you lose someone so very slowly a little bit at a time. I pray she is in heaven now with all are past loved lost ones and one day we can all be together again.

  25. Goodbye to a friend who was kind, generous, giving, loyal and curious. She enjoyed life and I enjoyed her company and will treasure her memory.

  26. I am honoured to have called Tessie a friend for over forty years. She was kind, considerate and loving, and always went out of her way to help others – whether giving them transport, or a comforting word. She was also happy to debate the philosophies and ideas within books, films,TV series and real life. She always demonstrated a strength of character borne from conviction and compassion. Deep sympathies to her family. She is deeply missed.

  27. Dear Richard and Family
    so sorry to hear of the passing of Tessie, Our condolences to all of you from Uncle Spiro, Anneliese & Family may she sleep in Heaven she was loved by all.

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